D3/971X-10/16 Wafer Butterfly Valve
D3/971X-10/16 Wafer Butterfly Valve
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Used in wide fields like, water supply and drainage, sewage,food processing, HVAC, gas, ship, hydroelectric, metallurgy, and energy industries. Specially suitable in suituations where bi-directional tightness and anti-rust and corrosion resistance is required. This product is your primary of regular butterfly valve on your pipelines. It features a simple structural design, low flow resistance, a near-liner flow ratecharacteristic, and isn't prone to debris collection when installed with shaft horizontally.


  • No pinning connection between disc and shaft, which eliminates possible inner leakage points.

  • Asphere design of the disc's outersurface improves its sealing performance, and increase its service life.

  • Resin epoxy is coated on the outer surface of the value body, and Nylon or F46 can be sprayed on the disc according to customer's requirements.

  • lightweight. easy installation, and low operation torque.

Technical Parameters

  • Nominal Diameter: DN40-1000mm

  • Nominal Pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5Mpa

  • Applicable Medium: raw water, cleanwater, oil, sewage.

  • Applicable Temperature: NBR80 EPDN120 FPM160

  • Driving Method: Handwheel, Wormwheeled, Pneumatic

  • Flow resistance coeffecient:  minimum 0.1