Large Diameter Butterfly Valve
Large Diameter Butterfly Valve
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  1. Our butterfly valves are widely used in systems for water supply & drainage and power generation systems such as municipal pipeline networks, cooling water systems, hydropower systems, sewage treatment plants, water diversion projects, chemical industry,metallurgy,etc. This valve is suitable for raw  water, clean water, corrosive gases&Liquid and multi-phase fluids, which has flow cut off and connecting functions.

  2. Two eccentric or three eccentric structure butterfly valves are suitable for conditions of one-way sealing. In general, the installation  should be carried out according to the direction of marks; if the sealing condition is two-way, please indicate in the order contract, or choose  the  mid-line butterfly valve.

  3. According to different requirements, the company can provide hard-sealing, soft sealing, midline butterfly valves, with manual,  electric, pneumatic,  hydraulic control drive , to meet the individual needs of customers.


  1. The valve plate adopts streamlined design. The large diameter butterfly valve adopts the truss structure. The product has advantages of good rigidity, large flow, small flow resistance, light weight and convenient installation and adjustment.

  2. Reasonable two eccentric design. When the valve opens a certain angle (angle size related to diameter ), the seal pairs are completely sperated to reduce the seal pair friction; it is opening and closing labor-saving, and the valve has a hydraulic auto close function, the higher the pressure, the more  tightly sealed. Disc seal has a certain degree of flexibility to compensate for the local wear and tear is not sensitive, reliable seal.

  3. The seal ring of soft seal butterfly valve adopts high-quality oil-resistant NBR and EPDM rubber with suitable hardness, flexibility, anti-aging, strong tear resistance.

  4. The metal seal butterfly valve adopts three eccentric design, with the use of inclined asymmetric oval sealing surface of special tooling forming,  to ensure the instantaneous contact and separation of sealing pairs, to ensure the sealing pairs closed more and more tightly and never closed too much. There is no friction between sealing pairs. The sealing can be achieved by means of expansion. When there is a small amount of wearand tear occurring in the sealing pairs, it is only needed to close tightly a little and then the reliable sealing can be obtained.

  5. The packing is equipped with a window, you can carry out online fastening or replacement of the packing without removing the valve. The packing is usually use a multi-channel V-type combination ring self-seal structure, to improve the reliability of shaft seal.

  6. Bearings of oil-free self-lubricating are used with high carrying capacity and low friction coefficient.

  7. The end of valve shaft is equipped with thrust bearings. Regardless of horizontal or vertical installation, the disc will not move, and with reliable axial seal.

Technical parameters

Nominal diameter: 50mm ~ 5300mm

Nominal pressure: 0.25MPa ~ 2.5MPa

Test pressure:

Shell 1.5 × PN MPa

Seal 1.1 × PN MPa

Applicable temperature:

Soft seal 80

Hard seal 400

Applicable medium: water, oil, air, weakcorrosive medium and so on

(Please indicate the type of medium in the contract)

Flow resistance coeffecient: the minimum 0.1

Leakage: zero for soft seal; level for hard seal can be up to B grade

Opening / closing time of electric (pneumatic) butterfly valve: 10 seconds to 90 seconds (related to diameter ofvalve , model of electric fitting)