Electric Control Valves
Electric Control Valves
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This valve is usually installed in pipes in water and wastewater, architecture chemical, oil, chemical industry, gas, food, medicine, power station and nuclear field's etc. According the electric sign or manipulation, this valve can be open or closed.

a. Accurate and rapid Control reaction.
b. Adjustable closing speed, there is no pressure fluctuate when the valve closed steadily.
c. Adopting immediacy electromagnet control , so it can be easily maintained.

3.Technical parameters
a. Nominal pressure: 1.0MPa,1.6MPa,2.5MPa
b. Applicable medium: water and oil
c. Medium temperature: 0~80
d. The explanation of Electromagnet Valve:
      Voltage: ∞220V -24V
      Choose: it won't burst and it can evermore open and close